Ridiní The Tiger - Gluecifier (Norway)

Label:White Jazz Records
Highlights:Leather Chair
Bounced Checks
Evil Matcher
Under My Hood

Rating: 9/10

On their first full length album, Ridiní The Tiger, Gluecifier (as in Gluesniffer) come exploding through the speakers like the Kings Of Rock they claim to be. Pumped pull of testosterone and with their fists (or should that be dicks?) firmly raised in the air, Gluecifier have put the sex back into hard rock. (As the liner notes say, hard rock gets you laid...) Ridiní The Tiger itself is like a guided tour through the annals of 70ís hard rock, with such bands as The Rolling Stones, Motorhead, The Stooges, AC/DC, Ted Nugent and Black Sabbath all providing inspiration. As such, their sound is best described as 70ís hard rock mixed with motor city punk rock guitars amped to the max (and Iím not kidding!). One of the bandís strengths is that theyíre not afraid of being cliched but do so without succumbing to parody. Many ignorant people could easily accuse Gluecifier of being yet another Ďmetalí or hard rock band. However, Gluecifier just happen to be better at it then everyone else. Match this with their punk rock attitude and you have one formidable band that is impossible to ignore.

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